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We set up Precious Time Charity following the loss of parents to Cancer; Susie & Jill lost their Mum and Laura lost her Dad. It made us more determined than ever to help others fight this terrible disease.

We came up with the ‘Precious Time’ theme for our charity after we bought a Giraffe named Precious from the Colchester Zoo auction where all monies went towards Action For the Wild. Pauline (Susie & Jill's mother) was a big fan of the giraffes and she now stands proudly at Gladwins Farm, where she used to live. All our time here with our loved ones is 'precious' and we thought this was an appropriate theme to use for our logo.

So far we have raised £119,000 for our chosen charities: Cancer Research UK and the Colchester Cancer Centre. We are grateful for all the generous support we have had since the start of our fundraising in 2014, and hope to continue raising money for this great cause which is so close to our hearts.

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