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Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust’s (the Trust’s) vision is to provide one central integrated cancer centre that combines first class radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and medical treatments, alongside a holistic range of therapies, information, support and advice for cancer patients and their loved ones. The Trust has invested £25 million to build a state-of-the-art Radiotherapy Centre as the first stage towards achieving this goal.

The Cancer Centre Campaign is a £4.5 million fundraising project being run by Colchester Hospitals Charity to build the second stage and complete the Cancer Centre at Colchester General Hospital. This will house a new chemotherapy department and clinical haematology suite, and bring all cancer related services into one location adjoining the new Radiotherapy Centre. The Cancer Centre will be a centre of excellence for all residents in mid and north-east Essex and the surrounding areas. It will provide state-of-the-art facilities in which to deliver first class medical care and the most advanced treatments, alongside a range of complementary and alternative therapies, in a purpose-built sympathetic environment, which will enable the best possible holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to the care of all cancer patients, their loved ones and carers.

2018 Update
We have received the great news that The Hospital Trust has now agreed to start construction of the Cancer Centre later this year.  The fund has less than £400,000 left to raise and hope to complete the fundraising by the time the Centre opens in 2019.

Watch the campaign video HERE   



Our research is beating cancer
Thanks to supporters like you, our pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives. Over the past 40 years survival has doubled, thanks to the great progress research has made. 

We spent £386 million on life-saving research carried out in 2016/17, including £112 million into the biology of cancer that underpins the rest of our research. We also set aside money for future work on long-term projects that are running over several years. The total amount we put towards research in 2016/17 was £432 million.

We’re working to prevent cancer, diagnose it earlier, develop new treatments and optimise existing treatments to make them more effective. Our 2016/17 spend on research includes £38 million on clinical trials, £37 million on research into new drugs, and £17 million on research into possible causes of cancer, helping people to reduce their risk.

We always aim to fund the best quality research with the greatest potential to bring benefits to people affected by all types of cancer. Accelerating progress against hard-to-treat cancers – brain tumours and lung, pancreatic and oesophageal cancers – is a priority for Cancer Research UK. When we launched our research strategy in 2014, increasing the amount we invest in this area was a vital goal. Since then, we’ve increased our funding, this year spending a total of £85 million – 13% more than last year. We’ve also supported the research community in these cancers to make sure there are more high-quality projects on these cancers to fund.

Watch the campaign video HERE